Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Alongside planning a wedding, I have also been learning to drive. Not getting around to it at the age of seventeen and then years of living in London, meant it sort of passed me by.

Moving up the country, and indeed into the country, meant driving has become a necessity. So in December, last year I began learning to drive. It's harder than it looks that driving lark. My years of being a passenger hadn't prepared me as much as I expected.

After a mere sixth months of lessons and a lot of doubt that I could do it, I took my test the other day. I was convinced I'd failed and I think that was my saving grace, because I relaxed. I began treating it like just another lesson, albeit a very expensive lesson. I couldn't quite believe it when he said I'd passed.

So, look out road users of Britain, guess who passed their driving test today?

(it was me...)

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