Thursday 10 July 2014


So we've moved. I can't say this blog will be business as usual quite yet as we are still surrounded by boxes. Things have been so busy between the packing, tidying, paperwork, moving, unpacking, untidying, etc.

We've moved away from London and are now Up North. North Yorkshire to be specific. A series of surprising developments, that I won't bore you with, have brought us here, but we're choosing to see it as an adventure. My agent was optimistic about casting opportunities up here and the writing work I've had of late has all been conducted entirely over the internet, so there was no need to remain in London's thrall.

I will miss London, but no sooner had we arranged to move I got some work back in the capital. So, I won't have to wait long for a return trip.

Yorkshire has been good to us so far. They've laid on a Tour de France and some fantastic weather. Tomorrow we are off to Howarth, which is apparently beautiful, and I've been promised I will love curd tarts.

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