Monday 14 September 2009

Touring Deceptions

It's been a while since Deceptions finished and I was looking back through the photographs that I took on the road.

And here are the highlights:

Check out the glamour. Broken windows, holes in the walls and Asbestos warnings.

The warm weather, Andy Murray and the sign above were blamed by many for generally poor attendance at Guildford's Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Maybe it has more to do with fact that no two people seem to pronounce Yvonne Arnaud the same way.

You know you've made it when...

Brighton's Theatre Royal boasts The Colin Baker Kitchenette. I really hope he's aware of it. Some people have hospital wards named after them, but does anybody really care? No, you just want to get in, get your chemotherapy and get out. A kitchenette though, anyone can relate to that.

Despite it being June, my dressing room still had a lone Christmas decoration hanging up. Six months early or six months late Brighton's dressing room 3 is prepared for Yuletide.

Since I was at home during Richmond, it felt more like a day job, and it's difficult to even really call it touring.

Dressing room highlights in Richmond included a forgotten pair of filthy tights and a single cigarette hidden away in a drawer.

Marketing is obviously very important in order to distinguish your play from the competition. We began with a psychological drama which became a black comedy when tickets didn't shift. Here we see two distinct approaches:

In order to draw attention to this week's show, why not have its poster falling toward the window?

Another approach here to selling a two-hander: convince the audience it's a one-woman show.

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