Monday, 4 August 2014

Please Release Me: Even More Star Trek

When I posted a batch of Star Trek ads with the promise of more, one commenter on Reddit took it upon themselves to point out that "this author has totally overlooked a ton of technology commercials". I can only apologise. I didn't realise this was meant to be in any way definitive.

The most recent Star Trek films have been partnered with several corporate entities.

Star Trek Cadets Verizon Nokia Ad
Starfleet Academy may want to raise the entry requirements...


Esurance Ad
The bridge set and costumes are used here for a bit of uncharacteristic casual racism to sell insurance.


Star Trek Xfinity X1 Commercial
A common theme throughout many of these adverts is that our heroes are idiots, Zachary Quinto and  Anton Yelchen help to undermine their characters for Xfinity.


Xbox TV Ad
Zachary Quinto beams in. Nothing happens.

Again, I have discovered some more of these and will another in a few days...

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